Sunday, March 1, 2015

I'm sitting with a friend of mine and trying to figure out "What do people search for when they are looking for a nanny? I am looking to capture a market where you are in need of personal service, not a website where you have to do all the work and then find that the person you hire leaves you after 2 weeks becasue she was never committed or found a better job with another family. Householdstaffing is an agency with people who want to help you find exactly what you need. Householdstaffing has a staff of people who truely care about finding qualified help in your home.  Our mission is to build lasting relationships with families.

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  1. Staffing for jobs such as nannies is also pretty common. Not every person wants to deal with the whole interview process, and for that reason, they may just contact an agency. That way, they let the agency worry about finding people that are qualified for the job. And if you are an employee, you won't waste your time applying for jobs that you are not going to get.