Thursday, April 25, 2013

Working After Baby

Will you or someone you know be returning to work after taking some time off to be at home with the kids? Many women worry about their skills still being relevant and finding a way to juggle work as well as all the new responsibilities that come with motherhood.

Good news is that with the right attitude and mindset returning to work can be a smooth transition. Here is some advice that you might find helpful when returning to the workforce.

1. "What is MY plan?" Try not to focus on what other women are doing. Every family and household is different take a "personal inventory of what they want and expect from their careers before launching their job search."

2. "What are your Objectives?" Staying clear on objectives enables mothers to ask specifically for what they need and expect from an employer.

3.  "Keep realistic goals" The notion of the perfect mom, CEO, good cook and Sunday schoolteacher is unrealistic.”

4. "Can do and Will do" More employers are now focusing more on candidate's personality and attitude.  Employers are looking for employees that are motivated and can successfully correlate their skills with the demands of the job. 

5. Own your career “gap.” Don’t try to hide your time away from the workforce; explaining your absence will eliminate any ambiguity, says Woods.

6. Restructure your resume. List  key accomplishments on page one and chronological experience on page two.
7. Role-play your interviews. Practicing interview questions and why you have decided to come back to work will help you perform better and nail your key messages. 
8. Keep current with your industry/former company. Stay in touch with your employer, coworkers and prior managers during your opt-out time and follow what’s happening.


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  1. The one by Dona Maddux Cooper is so accurate. I can totally imagine that happening, and I truly realize that a mother is the greatest gift you can be blessed with.